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Fresh-Faced Travel Secrets

Corey GoldenComment

New years has passed and it's wintertime in New York City, so you know what that means...time to travel! Any chance I get, I'm jetting off to warmer weather and escaping Manhattan's bitter cold winter.  But all that time switching from cold to warm climates, sitting on planes and not getting nearly enough sleep can show up on your face! And it's pretty much the worst when you're on vacation and have to worry about your complexion. Here are a few tips for putting your best face forward during travel season: 

Tip 1: Put on a sheet mask in-flight. My favorite is by SK-II, but Sephora also makes great ones!

Tip 2: Hydrate! Drink even more water than you normally do.

Tip 3: Find a go-to skincare system (and never skip a day)! My favorite is by BioClarity. It's a 3-step skin clearing system that will give you your most radiant skin ever, using powerful plant extracts like cucumber, green tea, chamomile, oat kernel and licorice root (unlike traditional acne treatments that use harsh chemicals). It's clinically proven to fight acne, soothe skin, reduce pore size, minimize redness and even out your skin tone. And the best part? All BioClarity products are naturally derived. Use code SEEGOLDEN for 50% off the BioClarity site

Here's everything you need to know about the three step system:   


Step 1: Cleanser, made with green tea to detoxify, chamomile to calm and green tea to cool and refresh.


Step 2: Treatment, made with Oat Kernel to soothe and nourish and Salicylic Acid, a powerful acne fighter. 


Step 3: Restore Gel, made with Floralux to fight redness and irritation and Licorice Root which invigorates the skin. 


Use all three steps everyday, twice a day for the best results. And when you're on vacation, feeling great and wanting to rock that no-makeup look, you'll feel totally confident. Safe travels!


This post is brought to you by BioClarity and Her Campus Media.